Upcoming changes and updates


Hello authors and Ourboox readers and supporters,
I’m writing to tell you of some new developments which are improving the way we create, read and share our books on the Ourboox platform.

Starting today photos inside the books now look much better as well. They are now proportional, in other words, if they are originally rectangular, they will appear that way, and not be ‘stretched’ to force them to conform to the square format (something people have been complaining about). Of course if your picture is originally square, it will maintain the square proportions of the page. Also please note that if a picture has ‘shrunk’, it’s because the picture that was uploaded was of low resolution, so we are asking authors to upload higher quality photos.

Other recent developments include the ability to upload PDF files directly to the library.
Authors can still provide covers, and additional information about the book which is going to help search engines find their content. And there is also the new possibility of embedding your book in other websites which has begun to catch on.

In coming months we hope to offer authors ‘print on demand’ options, which will enable them to print paper copies of their book automatically to complement their online presence. We will also be improving the author profile pages to the extent that it will completely obviate the need for authors to spend time and money creating their own individual website.

Many thanks to co-founder Ran Shternin, Shuli (CEO and my wonderful wife), our team and the wonderful authors, teachers and readers around the world who are helping us make books come true.

Authors Can Now Receive Support for their Online Books


Hello to our wonderful Ourboox community!

Did you know that authors can now receive financial support for their content? All you have to do is go to your “Edit Profile” page by clicking on your avatar in the top right corner:


In the “Edit Profile” page, look for the field “Paypal Account Email“.  Please make sure to put a valid Paypal account email address. You will not be able to receive payments if this field is wrong or empty!

Click “Save Changes

Now an icon will show up on all of your books that will allow people to support your work through Paypal

A book can be supported through one of five support tiers:

Book Supporter $1 USD
Book Lover $5 USD
Book Hero $10 USD
Patron of the Book $25 USD
Sponsor of the Book $100 USD

You can ask friends, family, readers and supporters to show their appreciation for the hard work you have done by contributing a dollar or more. It’s the best way to share online books ever!

New Year Present


Hello to Ourboox writers, readers and friends (millions of people around the world),
Tonight is the Jewish New Year and in its honor, Ourboox is happy to announce that our books are now embed-able. All you do is copy and paste the code, and presto, your book is embedded in your website, blog, etc. You can even embed one of your books within another of your books.
Here is an example of the New Year’s card that Rotem Omri and I prepared a few days ago.

And here is another book, on creativity, that I recently wrote.

We just wanted to share this new way to share Ourboox before the holiday. Don’t forget to share!! Shana tova,
Ran, Mel, Shuli and the Ourboox team.

A Heartwarming Testimonial


Dr. Melodie Rosenfeld is a leading academic educator who apparently has fallen in love with Ourboox. When she asked whether she could write a testimonial, it was, well, music to our ears!


To whom it may concern,

As a college lecturer in an academic college of education, I have been using Ourboox for over a year with preservice EFL teachers. I require my students to utilize Ourboox for themselves and their pupils, They have found almost endless ways to benefit from this free site. The most popular is that it provides an easy platform for children to write short stories and be motivated to correct their English sentences and paragraphs. It’s easy to convince kids that an authentic audience will be reading their creations and it’s quite thrilling to have a book that’s quick and easy to “publish” on the web. Two of my books have already been published on Ourboox and I look forward to continuing the series.

Melodie Rosenfeld Ph.D.
Lecturer: Talpiot Academic College of Education
Head of Department (retired): English Department, Achva Academic College of Education

IATEFL thoughts…

I’m at Glasgow Airport, waiting for my flight to Heathrow and thinking about the IATEFL meeting where I was fortunate to talk about Ourboox in the context of teaching English as a second language. What better way to teach English than to encourage students to become English authors, create books of their own on practically any subject? I was also able to share a sneak preview to our next free feature, “ItsybooxTM”, which will enable kids (and the rest of us) to print out short boox on A4 paper and fold them into minibooks which they can share anytime. The response was very enthusiastic and I’m excited. 
One of the speakers, Steve Brown, talked about publishing books dealing with “parsnips” – uncomfortable subjects which are not covered in commercial English language books. I told the crowd that as a “Backwards Publisher” whose short term goal is to “lose money happily” that Ourboox will be delighted to publish unconventional English-teaching books as long as they do not shame or hurt others. 
I’m travelling buoyed by the positive feedbacks and my own personal feeling that Ourboox is doing something good for the world. 
Oh, and during the meeting a Palesinian book on teaching English was published! I proudly featured it on the Ourboox homepage, together with books from Israel and the rest of the world. I’m determined that (at least) on the internet, co-existence rules!! Check it out!! Wouldn’t it be special if the Palestinian authority makes all its school texts available on our website? They would be way ahead of the Israeli Education ministry (and that of many other ‘advanced’ countries as well). 

What are itzyboox?

Have you ever dreamed of publishing your own books at home? Well, now you can!
Itzyboox are minibooks that you bring to life using your printer and a SINGLE PAGE.
All you have to do is create a book on Ourboox (up to eight pages long), choose the itzyboox configuration, print it out and fold it into your own amazing page-flipping book (that’s simple too).
Make two or three itzyboox, even a thousand. They are all free courtesy www.ourboox.com. If you feel an uncontrollable urge to thank us by donating a couple of dollars, that’s wonderful! We’ll use the money to grow and develop more cool free stuff for our community!

Steven Max Stern’s book

Steven and I were brought together a decade ago by our love of music and children’s stories. I got to know his dear wife and daughters. He generously lent me his facilities to test my stories on a group of youngsters in English and Hebrew. When he closed his recording studio we somehow slowly lost touch, which was rekindled when we shared a coffee last year and he told me that he was grappling with a life-threatening medical condition. Since then Steven has been winning the fight and his courage and resolve are a lesson for us all. I am inviting Steven to our class at Shenkar college in a week or two to share his story and to coax our students to live their lives to the fullest and leave no stone unturned.
Steven has just published his truly amazing story on the Ourboox platform, and I am delighted that we were able to facilitate this wonderful, candid, inspiring book. I hope that our community will read, re-read, share and treasure. I know I will.
Link to the book:

Homepage changes

Hello, everyone!
Ourboox had a terrific week. During the last three days we have had over 10,000 page views each day. During this same time period we have welcomed almost 400 new books! To accommodate the growing number of excellent books we want to feature, we have added an additional line of ‘featured books’. We also have a new counter for the number of times books are read on our site (712,865 and growing every day).
Shout out to Ran Shternin who is continually surprising us with new features – expect more in the very near future.

Living Books

As you all know, Stephen Pohlmann is a dear friend and supporter of Ourboox (and excellent writer, as well). This afternoon we had a conversation about what he calls “living books”. Stephen claims that one of the unique things about ourboox is that the books are alive. Since the books can be edited at any point in time, they have a continual nature to them. I tend to agree. I go over many of the books I have written during the past three years, add an illustration, tweak the text, bring them up to date, etc.
Combine this notion with the ability of authors to create ongoing interactive projects within the books (puzzles, games, padlets, etc) and you have a book that changes over time. Compare this with the books of yesteryear that were fixed and transfixed the moment they were published. Yet another distinct advantage to what we are doing.
Further, now that books appear the moment they are created, their development is like that of a baby growing into an adult.
Ourboox is growing all over the world. The platform becomes home to some hundred books (or more) every day. We feature the ones that we think are amazing (you are welcome to suggest books for featuring) and we are delighted to see how the library is growing and developing. Expect some exciting developments in the platform in 2017 as well.
In the meantime, wishing you a happy and fruitful February!
Mel for the Ourboox team. Email me at [email protected]

The Couch and I

Hello writers, readers and Ourboox friends, 
This year I hope to regale you with discuss various aspects of storytelling, creativity, and how to make best use of our amazing platform. We have started with something a little out of the ordinary, by interviewing a couch. Expect a video and book next week. Just saying, 2017 will be a great year for all of us. Keep the books coming! We are growing by about 100 a day!!!!
Interview with The Couch That Yelled Ouch