Feeding the Hydra


Working on a startup is a frenetic experience. At any point in time, Ran Shternin and I are confronted with competing chores, and every time we chop one head off the beast, several more appear. Should I be writing blogs, answering the folks at Absolutewriters, going over the platform with Ran, drumming up support for our event at Campus TLV on December 12th, honing my presentation for Innovate Israel next week, writing stories, looking for illustrators, reaching out to the community, choosing a legal firm, drafting terms of use, and trying to figure out who Ourboox main community will be (right now focusing on writers and illustrators, but hopefully this will grow into all kinds of boox), talking to Patricia about the growing social presence, speaking to Drue and the folks at Deloitte about business models,  answering e-mails and FB, checking out the competition, looking for funding, or helping Ran write code (haha, just joking, can’t write a word of code). But one thing is crystal clear – If our small group of early worms make this happen, these weeks before open beta and launch will be our finest hours. We will miss the couscous lunches, halva, yogurt, and the pursuit of the dream. As I teach my students, it’s the journey that counts. And we are having fun on the road.

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Mel Rosenberg

About Mel Rosenberg

Mel Rosenberg couldn't make a living writing and giving away children’s books so to make ends meet he took on odd jobs as a professor of microbiology, inventor, jazz musician, singer and French toast cook. More recently he has teamed with Ran Shternin (and a whole bunch of wonderful volunteers) to create ourboox.com, an international community of writers and illustrators who make amazing books together using a unique platform.