Ourboox budding book publishing platform is growing fast, have you joined yet?


Less than a month ago, we invited you to join Ourboox, a publishing platform in the making that brings writers and illustrators together to create page-flipping e-books that are free to publish and free to share.

In the month that passed, Ourboox has made an incredible progress, with a closed beta already up and running, and writers and illustrators are already collaborating and creating books.

Yet, things are moving fast. The close Beta is now working full speed with carefully selected Beta users and is in the final stage of preparing a bookaton for live users on site. During the event (scheduled for Dec. 12th) writers and illustrators will write books together the same day, and co-publish them on our new platform. Prizes for the best books!!!

So, in  addition to the current dozen of closed Beta users, writers and illustrators will write, illustrate andpublish books together on the spot, all in one day!

Of course, Ourboox founders are over the moon, unable to believe such a boon is coming their way. The event is boosting their energy level and they are now working 36 hours a day to polish out as many bugs as possible before December 12th, the date set for the bookaton.

If you want to be an active part of such a promising project, register with Ourboox now, as they will soon select a new extended batch of closed Beta users. Whether selected or not, all those who register will be invited to the open Beta as soon as it is ready, and, as we all know, the early bird catches the worm, or the bookworm in this case :-)

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Patricia de Hemricourt

About Patricia de Hemricourt

When the publishing revolution caused her literary agent to close his agency, Patricia decided to study the world of self-publishing and opened a blog about e-publishing. She since self-published one children's book and could not believe her luck when Mel invited her to join ourboox, as finding an illustrator for her other stories had proven too expensive for her purse. Now, thanks to Ourboox, one of her other stories has already found an illustrator who is currently crafting handmade drawings and the book will be made using the Ourboox platform.

2 thoughts on “Ourboox budding book publishing platform is growing fast, have you joined yet?

  1. Jean Shorney

    I would be interested in more information as regards publishing ,formatting and cover art.
    I am a self-published writer. Have four books out. Am looking to publish another sometime next year.
    Thanks for follow on Twitter.

  2. Patricia de HemricourtPatricia de Hemricourt Post author

    Hi Jean,
    We will be happy to help you.
    If you are looking for an illustrator, please leave a note on the community board so that illustrators can reach you.
    You can publish your book with Ourboox at any time, there is no formatting required and the platform is entirely free.
    You will keep all your rights, forever 🙂
    New functions are added regularly as this is a new platform, and books are discoverable by search engines, which means any book added benefits from the combined added content and benefits to the other authors who uploaded books. The result is increased visibility in Google and other search engines.
    So , the mere fact of publishing your book on Ourboox is helping your book to be found AND helping other writers’ books as well.
    Welcome on board.


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