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Another exhausting but rewarding week for ourboox. We have now entered our closed beta and have a few earnest early birds checking out the system, suggesting improvements and helping us focus on what we have to do. The prize for our author of the week has to go to my wife Shuli, who has published her first poetry e- book “Touching the Color”, with two more boox in the worx (by the way, her third book needs an illustrator!!). Shuli sat with Ran, and as they uploaded her poems and photo images, a look of elation came over her face (and ours too, I must admit). When they finished uploading, the book was ready. We flipped the pages back and forth and were hopping around with joy. It works! It works! By the way, if you haven’t seen the book yet, the url is http://www.ourboox.com/books/touch-colors/.

Shuli now has two more books almost ready, I have uploaded three of my own stories which need illustrations, and we will soon be uploading more. Now is the time for our early bird illustrators to start choosing stories, if you haven’t already.

Please keep the date of 12/12/13 open. We are scheduled to do a full day conference at Google Campus in Tel Aviv on e-publishing. Writers and illustrators will write books together and publish them the same day. Michael Shurp, Keren Dobkovich and others will talk about the present and future of traditional and disruptive publishing modes.

This week promises to be busy as well. Video shoot Monday morning with the wonderful Sharon Pais. Monday afternoon presentation of ourboox to an international accounting firm. More work on matching writers and illustators. Meeting with interested photographers. All this alongside the exciting teaching I’m involved in at Holon Institute of Technology and elsewhere.

In other words, another busy week ahead!!

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Mel Rosenberg couldn't make a living writing and giving away children’s books so to make ends meet he took on odd jobs as a professor of microbiology, inventor, jazz musician, singer and French toast cook. More recently he has teamed with Ran Shternin (and a whole bunch of wonderful volunteers) to create ourboox.com, an international community of writers and illustrators who make amazing books together using a unique platform.

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