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As you all know, Stephen Pohlmann is a dear friend and supporter of Ourboox (and excellent writer, as well). This afternoon we had a conversation about what he calls “living books”. Stephen claims that one of the unique things about ourboox is that the books are alive. Since the books can be edited at any point in time, they have a continual nature to them. I tend to agree. I go over many of the books I have written during the past three years, add an illustration, tweak the text, bring them up to date, etc.
Combine this notion with the ability of authors to create ongoing interactive projects within the books (puzzles, games, padlets, etc) and you have a book that changes over time. Compare this with the books of yesteryear that were fixed and transfixed the moment they were published. Yet another distinct advantage to what we are doing.
Further, now that books appear the moment they are created, their development is like that of a baby growing into an adult.
Ourboox is growing all over the world. The platform becomes home to some hundred books (or more) every day. We feature the ones that we think are amazing (you are welcome to suggest books for featuring) and we are delighted to see how the library is growing and developing. Expect some exciting developments in the platform in 2017 as well.
In the meantime, wishing you a happy and fruitful February!
Mel for the Ourboox team. Email me at [email protected]
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Mel Rosenberg couldn't make a living writing and giving away children’s books so to make ends meet he took on odd jobs as a professor of microbiology, inventor, jazz musician, singer and French toast cook. More recently he has teamed with Ran Shternin (and a whole bunch of wonderful volunteers) to create, an international community of writers and illustrators who make amazing books together using a unique platform.

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