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Hello to Ourboox writers, readers and friends (millions of people around the world),
Tonight is the Jewish New Year and in its honor, Ourboox is happy to announce that our books are now embed-able. All you do is copy and paste the code, and presto, your book is embedded in your website, blog, etc. You can even embed one of your books within another of your books.
Here is an example of the New Year’s card that Rotem Omri and I prepared a few days ago.

And here is another book, on creativity, that I recently wrote.

We just wanted to share this new way to share Ourboox before the holiday. Don’t forget to share!! Shana tova,
Ran, Mel, Shuli and the Ourboox team.

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Mel Rosenberg

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Mel Rosenberg couldn't make a living writing and giving away children’s books so to make ends meet he took on odd jobs as a professor of microbiology, inventor, jazz musician, singer and French toast cook. More recently he has teamed with Ran Shternin (and a whole bunch of wonderful volunteers) to create, an international community of writers and illustrators who make amazing books together using a unique platform.

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