New Year’s Resolution

Dear friends and Ourboox lovers,
Sorry for not blogging last week. We were busy celebrating Hagai Cohen’s 80th birthday. Hagai has been a contributor to Ourboox since the very beginning, and one of his stories on the platform (“The Two Blowhards” ) was mentioned during the event, alongside many amusing stories about his life.
And now, I want to say a few words about my New Year’s Resolution of writing 1000 children’s stories in 2017. It’s quite a challenge I agree. And whether or not I make it in the end, it already is having a positive effect – I am constantly thinking about ideas for books!! I’ve started over thirty of them since January 1st. Unfortunately none are ship-shape so I’m not going to be sharing any for a week or so. But stay posted. I am on track. I challenge any of you to a similar resolution in 2017!!
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Mel Rosenberg couldn't make a living writing and giving away children’s books so to make ends meet he took on odd jobs as a professor of microbiology, inventor, jazz musician, singer and French toast cook. More recently he has teamed with Ran Shternin (and a whole bunch of wonderful volunteers) to create, an international community of writers and illustrators who make amazing books together using a unique platform.

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