Upcoming changes and updates


Hello authors and Ourboox readers and supporters,
I’m writing to tell you of some new developments which are improving the way we create, read and share our books on the Ourboox platform.

Starting today photos inside the books now look much better as well. They are now proportional, in other words, if they are originally rectangular, they will appear that way, and not be ‘stretched’ to force them to conform to the square format (something people have been complaining about). Of course if your picture is originally square, it will maintain the square proportions of the page. Also please note that if a picture has ‘shrunk’, it’s because the picture that was uploaded was of low resolution, so we are asking authors to upload higher quality photos.

Other recent developments include the ability to upload PDF files directly to the library.
Authors can still provide covers, and additional information about the book which is going to help search engines find their content. And there is also the new possibility of embedding your book in other websites which has begun to catch on.

In coming months we hope to offer authors ‘print on demand’ options, which will enable them to print paper copies of their book automatically to complement their online presence. We will also be improving the author profile pages to the extent that it will completely obviate the need for authors to spend time and money creating their own individual website.

Many thanks to co-founder Ran Shternin, Shuli (CEO and my wonderful wife), our team and the wonderful authors, teachers and readers around the world who are helping us make books come true.

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